Written by Mrs. I.P. Bhatia

William Wordsworth in his poem, “My Heart Leaps Up” said, ‘Child is the father of man’- meaning thereby that Child is nearer to God and Nature than adults & has more to teach than we the adults who boast of being teachers of children. A child when it comes in the world, is the beautiful Creation of God, it is possessed of all the divine qualities of head & heart. You must have seen how fearless are children. They are always happy, smiling with a spark in their eyes, bubbling with energy & dancing in a carefree mood. There is a saintly aura of deep wisdom & sanity around every child.

But as a child grows & moves around in the world, somehow – sometime any family member, any teacher, any friend says something directly or indirectly and the pressures of expectations, fears, insecurities start eclipsing the divine light and the child starts losing that beauty(aura) of innocent wisdom, fearlessness and happiness. Now he is happy when he gets good marks or when he is able to achieve some success in terms of the world. He starts looking at himself from others’ eyes. He loses his self respect and self confidence. He is no more creative,honest & independent in his thinking & living – so he is like us elders now-he has lost connection with his real self-the true, original divine self with which he came into the world.

In the absence of freedom, the creativity of the child gets snubbed and crushed.  So at schools, our effort should be to give enough space (freedom) to children in and outside the classroom so that they can express themselves fully. Moreover, in various events & activities held throughout the year, each child should get enough opportunity to participate in the event or activity of his/her choice.  As every child is good and is possessed of unique qualities, parents should never compare their child with other children. They should believe in the child’s abilities and try to understand his/her areas of interest and work together with school to facilitate their child by providing him still better opportunities and help him blossom into a good human being-who is contented, confident, curious to learn and always cheerful.

 About the Author : Mrs. I.P. Bhatia is a School leader and educator having an experience of more than 30 years in school education and leadership.  She has been writing articles on Children Education, their Behavioral patterns in various age groups and role of parents, school and teachers in bringing up children.