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JAP MAN SAT NAM Mantra Meaning and Benefits

Since ages, chanting mantras have been one of the powerful spiritual practices to experience divine light and divine love which is also scientifically proved by many scientists.

Amazing Benefits of Flute Music for Meditation

All over the world,  different types of music such as  Classical music, Primordial sound, Nature Sound, Instrumental Music  are being used  by  meditation centres,  but Indian classical music played with the help of flute is the most  soothing music  for body, mind and soul.

10 Benefits of Practising Meditation Daily

A lot of researches have confirmed the multiple effects of meditation against stress, as it reduces heart rate to healthier levels, regulates brain activity and promotes balance on the endocrine system.


Tibetan Flute + Om Chanting

Hang Drum + Water Drums

Ajai Alai Mantra