‘OM’ – The Primordial Sound. The Sound that reverberates in the entire universe. If there can can just one mantra that we can recommend to chant, it is the OM mantra. Here are some physical, emotional and mental health benefits of chanting OM mantra. If you are planning to practice OM, we recommend that you should at least chant OM for 21 mins daily in the morning, before starting with your daily chores. At this time, the vibrations can reach very deep inside our body and its immensely helpful. So, starting with the benefits.

It brings calm and removes the stress

The immediate benefit one can see when chanting OM Mantra, in just 2-3 mins of focussed chanting practice, you will find that your brain starts becoming light and your body starts to become loose as all the stress and tension starts leaving the body. Your heart rate slows down, and you start to feel a sense of inner calmness.

Chanting OM improves our focus and concentration

When we chant OM while focussing our attention on the breathing, it starts improving our concentration and focus. It will not happen immediately, but regularly practicing OM chanting will improve your focus and concentration in your daily activities.

Chanting OM detoxifies the body and mind by Wiping out the Negative Energy

Chanting OM helps in clearing the negative energy in our body and mind. The vibrations of the OM chants has a very profound effect on our bodies almost immediately. Loosening up of the body, making our brains light, as you meditate with OM chants, your body rhythm, and your vibrational energy starts aligning itself with the vibrations of the OM chant. And thats what helps in detoxifying effect. Your body and mind both start to resonate with a very positive and powerful vibrational energy of OM

OM Mantra helps in Balancing the Heart’s Rhythm

Meditating with OM chants helps in calming our hearts too. And yes the effect is almost immediate. Ever had that feeling when you heart is racing, when you worry too much, it starts pounding. OM mantra can definitely help. Just close your eyes and chant OM mantra, let its vibrations penetrate your heart. and slowly it starts to calms down the heart rate.

It also balances the Blood Pressure

Along with the heart rate, the vibrations of OM mantra effects every cell of our body in a positive way. This might not be immediate, but chanting OM regularly for 30 mins will balance the blood pressure too.

We recorded a new version of OM Chants at 432Hz. You can listen to it here on Youtube. Combining the endless drones, piano and pads created from tibetan bells. And deeply sung primordial OM Mantra chants recorded with 3D microphones to give it that depth and as the energy in these chants surrounds you. No matter how stressed you are feeling at the current moment, chanting OM for 2-5 mins can bring a great deal of calm. It can cure those tension headaches, take our worries away and brings us back to the present moment. Just concentrate on the sound, your own vibrations as you chant. and if you chant long enough it will change your vibrational energy. We hope that this chant will help you. You can chant along with it or let it play in the background to spread that positive energy and positivity around.

OM Mantra benefits

OM Mantra Chants @432Hz