7 Incredible Mantras for Inner Peace and Healing from our album ANAND #PositiveVibesAlways

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1. Moh Mohiya

A simple, beautiful yet a very powerful mantra – mantra to overcome attachment – to let go . be it emotional attachment or attachment to material things or not so material things.

We all get attached to things we like, people we love, attention we get from others.. its perfectly normal.. we are human beings .. and this is what makes us human. But problem arises when these attachment become a hinderance for us to live in the present. When we cling to things, people, fame, power, ideas. When our attachment restricts us and others to grow, to learn, to seek and to be what we really are capable of.

And often it seems very difficult for us to let go… and this mantra is just there to help us in those difficult times. Understand the meaning, meditate upon it and chant along.

2. Visar na Jaa-ee

There is only the One, The Giver of All Souls. May I Never Forget Him

Most of our worries and most of our anxiety is due to now knowing whats going to happen next, whats going to happen in future, Instead of following our hearts, we spend too much time in these thoughts. This Gurbani says that there is only one creator for all of us, all the souls, and when creator creates us, he also takes care of all our needs. He is the one who gives. He has a plan for all of us, then why we worry. Whats the point in worrying. Surrender to the will of our creator. He created us for a reason, and he will make sure that if we follow our hearts, if we are true to ourselves, the reason we are here, is also taken care of. Lets not forget our creator, our source ever.

3. Antarjami

Anṯarjāmī purakẖ biḏẖāṯe sarḏẖā man kī pūre.
O Inner-knower, Searcher of Hearts, O Primal Being, Architect of Destiny: please fulfill this yearning of my mind.

Nānak ḏās ihai sukẖ māgai mo ka▫o kar sanṯan kī ḏẖūre.
Nanak, Your slave, begs for this happiness: let me be the dust of the feet of the Saints.

4. Tu Mera Pita

Ŧū merā piṯā ṯūhai merā māṯā.
You are my Father, and You are my Mother.

Ŧū mere jī▫a parān sukẖ▫ḏāṯa.
You are my Soul, my Breath of Life, the Giver of Peace.

Ŧū merā ṯẖākur ha▫o ḏās ṯerā.
You are my Lord and Master; I am Your slave.

Ŧujẖ bin avar nahī ko merā.
Without You, I have no one at all.

5. Kirat Paia

We all feel helpless, out of control, and overwhelmed by situations, circumstances and life.
Meditating on this mantra helps us to surrender, to Let Go and return to the present Moment. There is some blissful beauty in surrender. Surrendering to the will of the God. All we can and we should do is it to give and commit ourselves fully to the present moment. We hope that this mantra will help.

Full Mantra & Meaning

Kiraṯ paiā nah metai ko▫e. Kiā jāṇā kiā āgai hoe.
Jo ṯis bẖāṇā soī hūā. Avar na karṇai vālā ḏūā.

Past actions cannot be erased.
What do we know of what will happen hereafter?
Whatever pleases the one shall come to pass.
There is no other Doer except that one creator of all of us.

6. Anand

Bliss, Anand, Love of the one creator of all of us is a strange and mysterious phenomenon. and when we become one with that mysterious energy, happiness, peace are all spontaneous. This chant is a part Anand Sahib first sung by Sri Guru Amar Das.

— Lyrics with Meaning —

anand bha-i-aa mayree maa-ay satguroo mai paa-i-aa.
I am in bliss, o my mother, for I have found my True Guru.

satgur ta paa-i-aa sahj saytee man vajee-aa vaaDhaa-ee-aa.
I have found the True Guru, through perfect harmony, and in my mind are sounds of celebrations.

raag ratan parvaar paree-aa shabad gaavan aa-ee-aa.
Fairies have come to sing chants along me.

sabdo ta gaavhu haree kayraa man jinee vasaa-i-aa.
They, within whom God lives, sing the along these chants.

kahai naanak anand ho-aa satguroo mai paa-i-aa.
Says Nanak, I am in ecstasy, for I have found my True Guru.

7. Simran