6 BEST INDIAN FLUTE MUSIC TO RELAX AND FOCUS: Listen to help you calm down and get in the mood for meditation!

Well. The title says it all. Here are some of the most relaxing and calming Indian Flute Music tracks to help you relax and bring more focus to the present moment

#1 : Soul Alignment | Indian Flute Meditation Music @528Hz

Soul Alignment features deep relaxing notes played in Indian Classical Raag Bihag and the home (root) note of this beautiful composition resides at 528Hz .

#2 : Best Flute Music with Rain Sounds | Indian Flute in Raag Ahir Bhairav

If you like to mix your music with rain, then this one is for you. Beautiful Indian Flute Music mixed with Rain sounds. This one is in Raag Ahir Bhairav

#3 : Best for Morning Meditation Practice

This one is for the calm mornings. This is played in Raag Bhairavi, which is a morning raaga. It will sure help you to bring more focus and calm into your morning meditation practice.

#4 : Best for Yoga

This composition is more energetic and calm, and will fit best into your yoga practice routine. “Divine” is what defines this beautiful masterpiece.

#5 : Best Indian Flute Music Ever

Yes, If you are looking for meditation music, purely created with one single flute, then there is no other music on the internet or youtube, which can beat this one. Used by millions daily for their meditation and yoga practice, this music has become omnipresent in yoga studios around the world. This piece called “Tantra Flute” is recorded in Raag Ahir Bhairav, which is raaga known to relieve stress and naturally calms the mind. Try it if you have not listened to it.

#6 Indian Flute with Tibetan Singing Bowls

If you would like to go deeper, and singing bowls is your thing, this one should be in your playlist. Soft, melodic Lord Krishna flute, played on traditional bansuri, this is sure to get you into that meditative state asap.

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