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Before we start

Sit in a comfortable position, you can also sit on a chair, on ground with some cushion, and you can also choose to lie down if sitting for long period of time gives you pain. What ever you choose make sure that your back is straight, and you are not slouching and your neck is also straight. You can start this video once you are ready to start the meditation. The text in the video also explains how to meditate. More details are below

5 Simple Steps towards a Balanced Root Chakra

STEP 1. Take your attention inside by observing your breath. As you breathe in and out follow the path air is taking. Breathe Slowly but naturally. You will notice that you have to close your eyes to bring attention to your breathing. And as you start to follow your breathing, you will breathe more deeply.

STEP 2. Take your attention to the Root Chakra Center : As you are observing your breath, take you attention to the root chakra center, which is at the bottom of your spine. It will be difficult at first, but you can take it slowly. As you inhale, visualize that air is reaching your abdomen, then in next in breath, it reaches your pelvic region, and then at the base of the spine.

STEP 3. Hold your attention at the base of spine, and visualize a red, a bright red ball of sphere.

STEP 4. Start Chanting LAM, with each out breath, and with each in breath, take you attention to that red energy sphere at the base of the spine. With out breath, visualize the sphere vibrating with the LAMMMMMM chanting. Slowly, LAMMMMM will start getting longer and the energy sphere will start getting bigger

STEP 5. With Red sphere vibrating, its sending red energy to each and every cell of your body and up the spine.

Once you reach step 5 during your meditation, thats when healing of Root Chakra starts. It usually takes 3-5 mins to bring attention to the chakra center. You can continue this meditation, for an hour, but at minimum, we would recommend 11 minutes after step 5.

During this track, we have bells ringing at 15 minutes interval, so that you can time your meditation

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