4 Powerful Benefits of Healing Your Heart Chakra & Affirmations + Soundbath Music to Open your Heart Chakra

The energy centers in your body play a major role in developing your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual well being. Balancing these chakras and making sure that your chakras are aligned marks a healthy lifestyle.

What is Heart Chakra?

“Anahata” means “unhurt, unstruck, and undefeated” in Sanskrit. It is the fourth main chakra, and it is where we find love for ourselves and others, as well as compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Unconditional love, compassion, and joy are connected with the anahata chakra. It is the wellspring of deep and profound truths that are beyond words to explain. Anahata is a link between the lower and upper chakras, connecting the physical and spiritual realms.
Balancing your heart chakra can help you in several ways, here are some powerful reasons to focus you to heal your heart chakra.

What happens when your heart chakra opens up?

You will be able to let go and feel free

Letting go of the grudges is a strong power and freedom. When you have a healed heart chakra it is easy for you to let go of the feelings of grudges and move on with a healthy mindset. When your heart chakra is not healed or blocked you tend to hold grudges even for the people you love and it becomes harder for you to forgive yourself or others.

You will embrace intimacy and not fear it.

Getting intimate is not just being close to someone in the physical senses but it is also related to being emotionally open and vulnerable to someone. It becomes harder for you to trust and share your true feelings when you have an unhealed heart chakra. It allows you to be vulnerable and open towards the people around you.

You will enjoy others around you

When you have an closed heart chakra you tend to crave isolation. An excessive need to get isolated is a sign that your heart chakra is not healed. A open heart chakra welcomes the participation of enjoying quality time with the people you love.

You will start trusting again

A healed heart chakra helps you gain trust towards the people you are surrounded by. It helps you affirm your faith in yourself. A person with an unhealed heart chakra tends to find it harder to trust people and believe that everyone is going to betray them at one point or the other.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Reciting affirmation silently along with this music can be very helpful as it bring the focus to the energy center you are trying to heal and sets the intentions for the meditation. Here are some of the heart chakra affirmation which you can choose. Feel free to add yours to the list

Heart Chakra mudra to use to meditating on your 4th chakra

Place your hands over each other and place them gently over the heart chakra center. you will feel immediate comfort and your heart will thank you for that.

  • Love is my guiding light in life
  • My heart is full of love. I am full of love
  • I have arrived, I am Home ( Meditate on this one deeply. This one is given by Thich Naht Hanh and all the meaningless running and stress just fades away when we realise that there is nowhere to go, you are complete in here and now)
  • I am aligned with the frequency of the universe, frequency of love
  • I approach everything with compassion and courage
  • I forgive others
  • I forgive myself
  • I am fully open to give and receive love
  • I am worthy of love and compassion
  • I deeply love myself
  • I fully accept myself and others as they are

Heart Chakra Soundbath feat. Tibetan Singing Bowls

YouTube video

Save this Heart Chakra Chants and Music Playlist

You can save this playlist which includes chants, guided meditations and music to heal heart chakra.

Healing music and Chants to open your Heart Chakra

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