“To meditate is to discover new possibilities, to awaken the capacities of us  to live more wisely, more lovingly, more compassionately and more fully.” – Jack Kornfield

It is established that when a person starts meditation within a period of few days he becomes more peaceful, more appreciative  and has more clear thoughts.  His/her worries, anger and stress diminishes very fast.  It improves your sleep.  It also improves emotional intelligence. To reap so many benefits,  it is better to start as early as you can but don’t expect that there is a miracle change but with the regular practice you become better and better in your thoughts, behavior and action. Here are some tips which help  you to start meditation effectively:-

  1. Start with 3-5 minutes and then increase the session slowly and slowly.
  2. Morning meditation helps throughout the day. So do first thing each morning
  3. Select the quiet Place where there is no disturbance or little disturbance
  4. Wear comfortable clothes ; don’t wear jean etc but loose breathable clothes
  5. Sit in a comfortable position preferably on floor with eyes closed and crossed legs position
  6. Do it empty stomach or very light in your tummy
  7. Start from deep breathing, keep your mouth closed
  8. Breathe slowly and deeply – Don’t force your breath, let it come naturally
  9. Use relaxing Sound or Meditation Music
  10. Start chanting a very simple OM Chant
  11. Follow Guided Meditation
  12. Keep a lovely smile on your face while starting and doing
  13. Open eyes slowly and slowly
  14. For the beginners there is no need to set any unrealistic goals as the meditation is a journey and not the destination.
  15. Make it a daily habit
  16. Enjoy the Meditation session
  17. Observe the feelings within your body.
  18. If you are over busy some day, must do the daily Meditation. Keep in mind that Meditation is a time saver  as it keeps you more focus and  increases the efficiency
  19. Make it a part of your routine and do it consistently.
  20. Use timer and make sure that the tune is soft and pleasing

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