10 Benefits of Practising Meditation Daily

A lot of researches have confirmed the multiple effects of meditation against stress, as it reduces heart rate to healthier levels, regulates brain activity and promotes balance on the endocrine system.
10 Benefits of Practising Meditation Daily

In yogic philosophy we could find that meditation is perceived neither as a privilege nor as a practice to be maintained daily by specific groups like monks. It’s considered as a habit as important as taking a shower. Just as we won’t die in a short term if we don’t take care of hygiene and appearance but it’s really uncomfortable and unhealthy in a long term, we also won’t feel good or have a high performance in our life if we don’t clear our mind constantly. But it’s still very common in people to live with those dirty clouds in their minds without giving a constant pause for its cleaning, and thus they just live adapted to them and the limitations they imply to achieve happiness and develop emotional intelligence. Here next you’ll discover the main 10 benefits of practising meditation daily.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

This is the most important effect and main reason why people start to practise meditation. The chance to ‘hear’ your mind, connect with your Self and to be more aware of here and now allows you to feel better and find that the main responsible of your suffering or happiness is you and how you perceive the events and inner emotions that happen.

A lot of researches have confirmed the multiple effects of meditation against stress, as it reduces heart rate to healthier levels, regulates brain activity and promotes balance on the endocrine system.

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Improves Intuition

Once your mind is quieter, it will find the chance to connect once again with the voice of your heart, the intuition. This sense appears only when our stress is controlled, because otherwise your mind will be occupied on surviving, instead of living and connecting with the real essence of Time, where past, present and future are always connected and is from this dimension of reality where intuition works. In case of women who are already intuitive, meditation will calm this psychic sense and clean their emotional subconscious from resentments and stored feelings.

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Learn (or remember) to Hear your Body

Intuition is not only related to be more sensitive with people and ‘see the future’. This also includes keeping consciousness connected to your body, so that you can prevent health issues before they happen and sometimes find the attitude or natural cure your body and mind are requiring.

Some meditations combined with physical workout focused on strengthening and stretching of the abs help to improve digestion and the health of the vagus nerve and the enteric nervous system.

Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions are reactions our body produces to answer to the stimuli we perceive, as external as also internals. The problem surges when people feel identified with those emotions or take important decisions when they are affected by them, or blame others for how they’re feeling, forgetting the real power everyone has to be happy.

Through meditation you can understand your emotions and find the real cause and solutions for them, which are always in you. Some emotions are a natural answer as we said, but a lot more of them are produced by artificial stimuli or due to the fact that we live with too much stress. Deal with them to become transparent with yourself and you’ll learn how emotions can be your allies to understand compassionately other people’s emotions and to be happy.

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Better Breath

Breath is the center of focus of almost every meditation. Through it we connect with our Heart and our essence as human beings. Breathing correctly helps to gain health, live with more energy and connect your Mind to the here and now. ‘Pranayam’ or breathing control techniques are commonly used for therapeutic purposes and to balance emotions. Something as simple as breathing through one nostril only has shown to be effective to regulate some health problems.

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Improves Sleep at Night and Awareness during the Day

Once you start to meditate and do some workout, your stress levels go down and the body can rest better during sleep. When we are stressed out, the body keeps active and using a lot of energy, and therefore, even if we feel tired, if this stressful condition isn’t solved, it will be harder to go to sleep as the functions of the pineal gland (7th Chakra) are disturbed.

Through some meditation techniques with conscious breathing, it’s normal to see even beginners with sleeping problems who find regulation of internal biorhythms, even just after 1 or 2 classes. To fight deeper or more chronic sleep and neurological disorders, some relaxing meditation techniques have been used as complementary resources in medical treatments.

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Learn to get Focus and Evade Distractions

As our mind is very powerful and has a lot of energy, we need to learn how to focus that potential and get distracted as little as possible. You may think that the outer conditions are the main reasons to lose attention, but with constant meditation you may also find how:

  • Hidden emotions and chronic stress reduces our capability to get focus;
  • Lack of motivation is usually responsible, if someone doesn’t know himself and what he/she really wants;
  • If your soul is too creative, you’ll get distracted easier and you still have to learn to express that creativity;
  • Toxic foods and habits make concentration more difficult, as they take our nervous system out of balance.

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Establish Habits and Learn Discipline

To follow your Heart and do what you deeply desire you’ll need to develop character and establish priorities in your life. A lot of vices and bad behaviors are just habits we learned and are stored deeply in our unconscious. They become toxic as we can’t stop them or are used to hide fear and emotions. Yogic wisdom says that at least 40 days of constant practice of one meditation or yogic set changes an old -and unproductive- habit for a healthier one, and that’s why it’s usually difficult to stop practising yoga, physical workout or even meditation once someone has practised it daily for a while.

“Sustain a habit and then the habit will sustain you”

Discover the Power of Music and your Own Voice

The practice of Mantras during meditation brings inner peace but also an opportunity to explore your creativity through power of sound (Naad Yoga) and its resonance in your body. This option also helps to increase self-confidence to express yourself with clarity.

You can also include sounds of nature as background music for your meditation, to inspire your mind, get relaxed easier and interiorize the wisdom and power of the natural elements in you.

Read this article from Meditative Mind to know better about how Mantras work.

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Know Yourself and Purpose of your Life

The final purpose of all of these disciplines is to let you know who you really are and find the resources your soul has at every moment to express yourself and be happy. Living in a meditative state, from which you connect with people and the world from the Heart and a calm mind is one of the most precious gift you’ll ever get. This way, you’ll discover that the whole Universe lives in you and that the most wonderful beauty of life reveals itself as you accept who you really are and are committed on what you’re meant to do in this life.

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