What Happens when you combine 2 powerful meditation mantras?  – Absolute Bliss

We are at Day 5 of 30 Days of Chants.

Today we will take SA TA NA MA Mantra and extend it with another powerful Mantra also known as Universal Healing Mantra – RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG. This combination of seed sounds make it mantra which is used in many Kundalini Yoga Meditations.

Sa Ta Na Ma: The five primal sounds representing the complete cycle of life.
Ra: Sun
Ma: Moon
Da: Earth
Sa: Impersonal Infinity
Sa Say: Totality of Infinity
So: personal sense of merger and infinity
Hung: Infinity vibrating and real. (So Hung: I am Thou)

Let this track play in the background as you do your work in low volume. This will increase positive and healing vibrations around the place.

Cultivate Mindfulness. Breathe Fully. Remember the journey itself is the reward! See you tomorrow!

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