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Mere Sahiba is a beautiful Sufi Kalaam (Mantra) about the Joy of Surrender to the one source of all of us. Surrendering to the will of that one creative source. About complete trust in the process of life. The Moment we completely surrender, amazing transformation happens inside and outside of us and deep calm comes to reside inside us.


Mere sahiba, main teri ho mukki aan
– O dear lord, my love, I am yours now…

ManoN na visaareeN mainu mere sahiba
– Dont ever forget me, Dont ever leave me alone, my love

Har galloN ve main Jhukki aaN
– With all my heart I surrender to you

Jeun bhaave teun raakh pyareya
– Do as you wish, whatever you feel good,

Daman tere ve main lukki aan
– I am taking refuge under you

Je toon nazar mehar di bhaalain
– If you give your grace to me,

Charh chobare main sutti aan
– then all my worries are gone

~ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally. Cultivate Mindfulness. Enjoy the Journey. Smile ~


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