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How to Meditate to awaken Kundalini and How it can Help us

There is a huge volume of energy within you which is yet to find its potential. To make full use of self-potential awakening the kundalini is a must which improved the clarity of thought, memory skills, and greater physical strength.

Sochai Soch Na Hovai

With Sochai Soch Na Hovai mantra, surrender yourself in front of that Divine spirit and experience every negativity changing into positivity making to all our passions and desires. Discover what true happiness, true love is, through Sochai Soch Na Hovai mantra.

Aakhan Jor – Knowing the Bliss of Surrender

This Beautiful Mantra has been given to us by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This chant destroys the Ego and allows us to embrace the divinity inside us. Allows us to let go and surrender to the will of the creator.


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