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Manage Stress – 10 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

Written by Mrs. I.P. Bhatia Stress is perhaps one of the most used words nowadays, being this phenomena or response known for the people as guilty of the most of the problems and sufferings of our civilization, as it’s the cause...

How to Make Meditation Easy and Fun for Kids

Written by Mrs. I.P. Bhatia Meditation is a practice that anyone can do and find positive results from it. One of its purposes is to develop a meditative state of mind that is usually hard to find in  most of the children, as...

Raising a Happy Child

All of us want our children to be happy throughout their lives but raising them to be happy is a challenge.  However,  right actions on the part of parents and other family members can definitely be helpful in making a child Happy.

How to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Each child is unique in his/her potential but some ignorant actions on our part can shake the confidence of children whereas some strategical steps carefully taken can also boost their confidence.

Teacher-Pupil Relationship – The Present Scenario

Teachers are the makers of any society but today, most of the teachers unlike the ancient Gurus, lack dedication and love for their pupils and their professions. So their pupils also don’t respect them.  It is time for the teachers to introspect themselves.

Parenting Tips | Parents of 3-5 Year old Children

As your child becomes more independent and spends more time in the outside world, it is important that you and your child are aware of ways to stay safe. Here are some of the things you, as a parent, can do to help your pre-schooler during this time.

Child – the Father of Man

‘Child is the father of man’- meaning thereby that Child is nearer to God and Nature than adults & has more to teach than we the adults who boast of being teachers of children.

Children and Creativity

Children have the strongest wings of imagination & creativity; and the most beautiful thing about children is their inquisitiveness, their curiosity to know, to see & to learn.

Value Education – the need of the Hour

Value education is the first need of 21st century children and the teacher’s role is most significant because in the fast changing world of today, the parents spend less and less time with their children who suffer the torture of living in disintegrated families and are left to their own lot. 


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