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A Chant to Cultivate Inner Happiness

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama Bliss, Anand, Love of the one creator of all of us is a strange and mysterious phenomenon. and when we become one with that mysterious energy, happiness, peace are all spontaneous. This chant is a part Anand Sahib first sung by Sri Guru Amar Das. — Lyrics with Meaning — anand bha-i-aa mayree maa-ay satguroo mai paa-i-aa. I am in bliss, o my mother, for I have found my True Guru. satgur ta paa-i-aa sahj saytee man vajee-aa vaaDhaa-ee-aa. I have found the True Guru, through perfect harmony, and in my mind are sounds of celebrations. raag ratan parvaar paree-aa shabad gaavan aa-ee-aa. Fairies have come to sing chants along me. sabdo ta gaavhu haree kayraa man jinee vasaa-i-aa. They, within whom God lives, sing the along these chants. kahai naanak anand ho-aa satguroo mai paa-i-aa. Says Nanak, I am in ecstasy, for I have found my True Guru....

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