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Come, Join us on a Cosmic Journey with Angels tonight

Click Here for Recommended Solfeggio Sleep Music Playlist Join us on a cosmic journey tonight. Angelic Music soundscapes designed with 528Hz and 396Hz solfeggio frequencies for that relaxing, healing and deepest sleep. The video turns black in 15 Mins. Tip: If you wish to save a video for later reference, you can click on “Watch Later” icon on the video. This will save the video in your “Watch Later” playlist on Youtube which is only visible to you. 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency has a very relaxing effect on mind and body and listening to the music during bedtime can help people...

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Tibetan Healing Sounds of Singing Bowls @ 528Hz + Fire

Pure Meditative Healing Sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls tuned to 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency. The Miracle Tone. The Love Frequency. The Frequency of Solar Plexus Chakra. We have combined this miracle singing bowl music with the sound of the primary element of Solar Plexus Chakra – Fire. This can really help in meditation and even simple relaxation. During meditation, the sound of 528Hz Singing Bowl Music combined with fire sounds can help bring more focus and attention to the center of solar plexus chakra and effects of 528Hz can bring in deep healing. And during relaxation, it acts as a...

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This what happened when we took our Music Box to a Mystical Enchanted Forest.

We took our music box to this magical fantasy kind of forest. And the music that came out of that place was pure magic. Its not just the music box that created magic, its the positive vibe of the surrounding forest, the birds, the river, the wind, that magical tree and shimmering sun rays. You got the idea. Well thats was what we were thinking about when we created this music. and hopefully this music can also transport you to some kind of magical enchanting place where all the stress and tension goes away. where the nature around you...

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