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Join us for 30 DAYS of CHANTS Journey. 30 Days of Mindfulness, Peace and Bliss



00:00 Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi Antar Kaisa – Mantra for Positive Energy
06:11 Aad Guray Nameh – Mantra for Protection
11:28 Dukh Par Har Sukh Ghar Lai Jai – Mantra for Healing Pain
18:04 Rakhay Rakhanhaar – Complete Protection Mantra
22:46 Ang Sang Wahe Guru – Mantra to remove loneliness
29:19 Ek Onkar – Mool Mantar – Morning Mantra for Connecting to our beautiful soul inside.
35: 20 Wahe Guru Wahe Jio – Simran – Mantra of Ecstasy

~ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally.
~ Cultivate Mindfulness.
~ Enjoy the Journey.
~ Smile